This Weekend @ the Delafield Wine Bar: Farmer Fizz Champagne Flights! ?

“In a perfect world, everyone would have a glass of Champagne every evening.” – Willie Gluckstern

It may not be a perfect world right now, but we can make sure everyone gets a glass of Champagne this evening. In fact, we can make certain everyone gets THREE glasses of Champagne – with our artisan Champagne flight!

No, we aren’t drinking this bubbly luxury just for the sake of drinking: We want to learn & explore as well. That’s why this flight showcases three artisan farmer-fizz producers separated by grape variety! One Blanc de Blancs – Chardonnay Champagne. And two Blancs de Noirs Champagnes– one made from Pinot Noir, and one from Pinot Meunier. A bevy of beautiful bubbles!

If you were to purchase the bottles for this flight yourself, the retail cost would be $220 (seriously). But this Friday and Saturday only, we will offer a flight of these wines at the Delafield wine bar for $19.

So come on over to the wine bar and revel in summer with this amazing tasting!