2011 Coessens Champagne Les Sens Boises



20XX Coessens Les Sens Boisés “Powerful and Spicy”:  This comes from the single plot called Substance.  And, like the Brut Nature, it is also not made every year.  When I was tasting with Jerome, he refused to begin by revealing the wine’s vintage.  He wanted me to taste it first.  This Champagne is exotic and spicy, with aromas of blood oranges, white pepper, minerals and yet more Asian spice.  It’s fascinating to think about what foods might pair well with it.  And that’s the kind of wine I love.  Wine that makes me salivate.  This is the only oaked cuvée,  matured in six-year-old Les Clos Chablis vats.  And why oak?  Because the vintage is 2011, and Jerome wanted to let the wine “breathe in” its full power.  Yes, the dreaded ’11 made some amazing Champagnes.  About 150 cases made.

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