2014 Nederburg Foundation Series “Lyric” Sauvignon Blanc Blend



Yes, it’s true – this winery—and with this wine—won winery of the year. Sure, it won it in South Africa, but it’s a South African winery so that makes perfect sense. And with the plenteous flavors and aromas of this wine it also makes complete sense, because it’s gorgeous:

As you drink the bottle (as I am now), aromas of peach, nectarine, papaya and gooseberry tantalize the tongue. On the palate it’s tangy and soft, as easy-drinking as it is fun. It glides into your tummy, leaving a whispered kiss of honey flavor on the palate, rubbing you like a smiling Buddha for a job well done. The kiss of honey broadens the wine to a lush sensibility, a pleasure in wholesome curvaceousness. It is the taste of charm – the dimple on a smiling cheek, a simple sense of happiness that enlivens the world: this is Nederburg’s Foundation Series “Lyric” Sauvignon Blanc-based white blend.

What may not make sense to you is the price and the price drop. Here, I’m guessing it’s all about machinations back at the corporate office instead of just going out and tasting the wine. It’s not atypical in my world to have nectarous wine devolve into items on a spreadsheet. And when that happens, the great abacus of inventory will spit out – “DUMP!” And that’s it, without even trying the wine first.

So you know what – I tried it and found it perfectly tasty. Did it throw me into fits of hedonistic delight? No, can’t say that it did (although maybe I just didn’t drink enough). I’d say give it a try, at this price, and if you don’t like it, add some fruit and float some brandy on top and call it sangria –way better than the pre-mixed stuff!

And for those of you totally concerned about the vintage realize this – it’s bottle under screw cap which has a near zero oxygen ingress rate. The packaging of the wine has made it inert. It’s not aging, for better or worse.

So come on – let this happy go lucky wine come into your life and charm you (and at this price, everyone else around you)!

Case price $2.99 / btl. use coupon “LYRIC”


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