2015 Hajszan Neumann Nussberg Zweigelt



Ok, I realize that the winery, the location AND the grape variety are nearly unpronounceable to everyone in the United States. Let me give you the brief background, then I’ll turn it over to the winery. Please read on, because this wine is WORTH IT.

Just two things to start you off. Austrians have a long history of making wine in Vienna. Meaning that the vineyards are within Vienna and so is the winery. And these traditional wineries all have a wine bar attached. That wine and bar become the neighborhood socializing hall, deeply cherished, like local soccer teams are in the UK. The centuries-old tradition continues to this day.

The man behind this wine, Fritz Wieninger, is considered the master of Wiener Wein (Yes, I love writing and saying that phrase! It means Vienna Wine in German, and Austrians say it without giggling.) Not only that, but Fritz also led the renaissance of the entire tradition with biodynamics. While I have not met him, every Austrian winemaker I have met deeply respects him and are inspired by his wines.

If you’re new to Wiener Wein, here is your chance to spread your wings and taste something from a far corner of the world, that is truly outstanding.

Now here’s the winery’s description:

“We love it natural and native. In Grinzing, likely the most traditional-rich wine district of Vienna, we work purely and passionately with a biodynamic perspective.

“Simply Sophisticated:

“Our lively wines have subtle corners and edges. And it’s good this way, because we love natural, authentic wines. Each one has a characteristic soul, which develops from the natural flavours of the grapes and the terroir. All this comes to fruition thanks to our biodynamic cultivation. We also work gently and reductively in the wine cellar.


“In search of the original. Our biodynamic approach and the handwork in the vineyards have led us also to old wine making methods. The first attempts have captivated us: This natural wine presents itself as stable, intense and expressive with generous fruit. Natural wine is fermented for a very long time on the skins and is neither fined nor filtered.

“Tasting notes:

“In the nose the wine is dominated of dark stone fruits together with nougat notes and a touch of orange zest. In the mouth soft with taste of caramel, balanced with a good acidity. Sweetly extracted fruit lingers on the finish of this multifaceted, refreshing accompaniment to food.

“Old vines from the single vineyard Obere Schoss and Weisleiten located on the Wiener Nussberg yield the grapes for this Zweigelt, which has been stored 18 months in barriques. Less new wood and mainly 500 liters barrels results a cherry, slightly herbaceous fruit dark Zweigelt.”

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