2016 Chateau La Confession Saint Emilion Grand Cru



The Right Bank was never captured by the British during the Hundred Years’ War (or any time afterwards), and thus remained thoroughly French Catholic. Hence, many of the wineries express honorariums of this nature, including this one, Chateau La Confession. Here in Merlot’s heartland you get a wonderfully profound expression of flavor that showcases how Merlot loves Saint Emilion’s clay-rich soils: Aromas of date, fig, black olive and black plum come wafting from the glass in a stratified expression of beauty. Here, the blending partner with Merlot is Cabernet Franc – and that shows on the palate. At 28% of the blend, it adds a gutsy sense of structure and tannin, also giving up floral notes of dried red flowers. Together, they express an absolute master example of French Bordeaux.