2016 Dr. Loosen Wehlener Sonnenuhr Spatlese



It seems that every two years or so I get a nice “move it along” price on a Dr. Loosen wine. So many of you reading this probably already know everything I have to say. If that’s the case, just scroll on down and order away, or email me back with your desires.

If not, here is the brief story – Dr. Loosen is considered one of German’s top five Riesling producers. At the helm is the charismatic Erine Loosen, a lover of all things wine, a heck of a great winemaker, and a general Riesling booster. The wines he crafts are suave, a little lower in acidity than say, Donnhoff, making them shine with fruit and oh-so-easy to drink (as he once put it to me, “you can drink yourself sober” on German Riesling).

The vineyard this time around is Wehlener Sonnenuhr, or the Sundial of Wehlen (there is actually a sundial in the vineyard, pictured below). Sonnenuhr has some of the purest blue slate soils in the Mosel Valley (you can also see that in the outcropping in the picture below), which gives the wines a very distinct characteristic of white peach, white flowers, lemon and stone. Indeed, to my palate, Sonnenuhr is extremely identifiable for its limestone-y and white flower notes.

This wine is no exception, and at the Spatlese level it is absolutely bursting with joy. Yes, it has sweetness, but as with all Loosen wines it is nicely in balance and remains fresh. “It’s a fruity wine” as Ernie would say, “but Spatlese gives the seriousness of a Grand Vin as well. It’s not meant to be light and fresh like a Kabinett, but to truly show off the terroir and give depth.” And that it does – it’s got all the fruit and body you need to make it hedonistically pleasureable, but also intellectually intriguing as well.

We got a great price on it, and frankly, I’ve had these wines at 40 years old and they were still fresh and  vibrant. I’ll say – buy all you can, and enjoy!

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