2016 Hauller Edelzwicker Alsatian White Wine Blend 1.0 L


$29.99 $6.99

Call it Grandma’s wine, call it sweet wine, call it what you will—but you know Grandma is going to demand it.

Sure, the lowest common denominator will do.  Yet, how ’bout this Thanksgiving, surprise everyone, including yourself – bring something of quality, something that says, “although you continue to treat me like a child, I now have a substantial enough career that I am buying you good wine.”  In other words, Hauller’s Alsatian White Wine Blend: This is dramatic wine by anyone’s measure.  The aromas burst from the glass with exotic, tropical spice aromas, red apple skin, and kiwi, passionfruit, strawberries, tamarind and coconut.

These flavors are balanced by the freshness of acidity.  Balance is always the key to enjoying fruity wines and no winemaker does it better than Hauller.


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