2016 Louis Hauller La Cave du Tonnelier Alsatian Riesling 1.0 Liter


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You have to face it. You’re a leader in wine drinking. And you’re about to take down a liter. Of Riesling.

Admit it, dear Leader. Riesling is probably the greatest white wine on earth. A wine capable of a scintillating array of aromas, of vivid minerality, of bracing crispness, of a depth of flavor, and of a breadth of texture unmatched by any other grape. And Riesling is, of course, a magical food pairing wine.

And now, dear Leader, be bold and accompany us to the blissful Elysium of Dry Alsatian Riesling.

That’s right, I said DRY. All wines can be made sweet or dry. It’s really the vintner’s choice. Riesling is famous for being made sweet, but nowadays most are DRY. Including Louis Hauller La Cave du Tonnelier Alsatian Riesling.

Gorgeous aromas of citrus blossom, Bosc pear, passion fruit, ginger spice and blood orange zest burst from the glass. This is part of what makes Riesling such a dazzling enjoyment —the infinite variety of aromas you can never tire of.  Every time you go back to the glass, they’re evolving like a delicious symphony.

And the qualities of Riesling, and particularly those of this Riesling, just get better. Ever tailgated? Of course you have. Lots of sausage, cheese curds, smoked pork, Tarte Flambée, Choucroute Garnie, and braised cabbage with black truffles…delicious! (OK, those last three are Alsatian specialities.) Still: What do you drink with those grilled bratwursts topped with goldencheese curds and served on a buttered pretzel bun? That, dear Leader, is where Alsatian Riesling comes in. It’s the perfect pairing for any festival of sausage, cheese or pork. Lighter on the palate and the tummy than any bottle of any beer, and infinitely more delicious!

There you have it. For fallgating fun, Louis Hauller’s Alsatian Riesling is absolutely unmatched. Many who receive this email will simply click delete because it’s about Riesling. But you, you’re a leader, and for every leader, there are great rewards.

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