2016 Woodenhead Redwood Red Zinfandel Blend


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Do you remember those halcyon days when we didn’t even have the words “social distancing” in our vocabulary? Now, that feeling seems so far past, it might as well have been 18 days ago.

But never fear, and battle back against these COVID and cold-weather blues. Sure, it’s time to stay inside, so let’s pop open a warm, soulful red, build a fire in the fireplace and get a good old-fashioned home drunk on. The time is ripe for Zinfandel!

Woodenhead’s Redwood Red hales from the heart and soul of Zinfandel country – Sonoma County. It was here in the late 1960s and ’70s that pioneering producers such as Ridge, Rosenblum and Ravenswood developed a style of Zin that pulls at my heartstrings – ripe fruit, oh so easy to drink, yet offering something more than just a warm buzz; offering a companion for the table, for conversation, for night-time intrigue and so much more. I (and I believe many other wine snobs) must admit something about Zinfandel: it’s the grape that reached out and touched us. It started us down the path of loving wine, the grape that opened its big, caressing arms and said “it’s warm inside, baby, come on home.”

This one’s a Zin blend, and Zinfandel does play so well with others – in this case, Petite Sirah, Carignan, Mourvedre, and more. It’s basically a playground of kids climbing on the equipment together (back when it was OK to do that), making the whole of this bottle more joyous than the sum of its parts:

Aromas of spicy dark currants, bramble fruits, dried ginger, and touches of scraped clove and dark cherries all emerge in the initial impression. The palate offers hints of chocolate, cinnamon and caramel, and oak comes through on the back of the palate and the finish. This is a full-bodied, warm-blooded wine, yet one you can enjoy from the first glassful to the last. The wine blossoms and unfolds with time in the open bottle. Time in the bottle for Zinfandel is like the difference between a cherry flower bud in spring, when the potential is all there, coupled with a youthful understanding of kissing; versus the plump, juicy ripeness of summer, when soft kisses of open fruit give way to the understanding of a fully mature, engaging partner.

Now is the time.

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