2017 Domaine Tempier Bandol Rouge “Pour Lulu”



I have been selling Domaine Tempier since the 1999 vintage and with this new offering – the 2017 vintage – a wonderful set of circumstances has come together to create this offer.

First, Lulu Peyraud, culinary hero, owner and winemaker at Domaine Tempier, is still actively involved at the tender young age of 102 – 2017 was her 100th vintage and Mother Nature and Lulu’s family, chose to mark the occasion with a celebration of life: the family produced a special “Pour Lulu” bottling dedicated to her, and Mother Nature provided Bandol an outstanding vintage in Mourvedre.

I’ll turn it over to Kermit Lynch, the Tempiers’ longstanding American importer, to describe this special bottle:

“December 11, 2017, Lulu turned 100. Our Lulu is Lulu Peyraud, who, with her husband, Lucien, founded Domaine Tempier, and I’m glad they did, in hundreds of ways.

“More recently, I drove over to Domaine Tempier to have an apéritif with Lulu. One of her daughters, Laurence, invited me into the salon, and there was my old pal, now 101, shrinking into her chair. My heart was turning somersaults—she looked up at me with a black eye, five stitches above the socket, and one arm in a sling. I clumsily mumbled something and Lulu laughed.

“‘Sit down,’ she said, gesturing to the chair across from her. The small wood table had a platter of melon and saucisson, and a bottle of guess what. Laurence poured the red and Lulu raised her glass to me. She asked, ‘Did I ever tell you the one about the old widow who advertises for a new husband?’

“Sorry, folks, but her joke is not for publication in a wine brochure. Even mine! But I am just about finished writing a wine and food novel (or divertimento, as I like to call it), and I promise I’ll find a way to include Lulu’s joke.

“Yes, Lulu had taken a tumble there at home. When she finished laughing with me at her joke, she said that laughter is an important aid as she copes with old age. It keeps her positive. What a gal! What an inspiration!

“By the way, the swing on the label shows Lulu’s favorite exercise machine.

“Her family and friends saluted her one-hundredth birthday in a lot of ways—dinners, parties, and receptions. Now, here comes a salute we can all enjoy—Domaine Tempier’s 2017 dedicated to her on the label. Uncork one and raise your glass to a wonderful woman who changed my life and a lot of people’s lives for the better.” – Kermit Lymch

Sometimes (MOST of the time?) Domaine Tempier is highly allocated. And this year is not unlike any other – it is limited. We pre-bought as big a stash we could in order to get it out to you, Lulu’s favorite fans, and at a respectable price. Here it is: