2018 Chateau de Selle “By Ott” Rosé



What wine pairs best with turkey?

Dry Rosé. Yes, it’s true. Think about it – a red wine that is made like a white, imparting all the body and richness of a red, yet remaining fresh and vibrant on the palate. It is the perfect pairing with the delicate flavors of the turkey, yet it can stand up to the stuffing, the cranberry sauce, the green beans with crispy onions on top – and make everything harmonize. Including your relatives!

And today we have one of the best.

From the famed chateau Marcel Ott in Bandol, the cradle of southern France, directly on the Mediterranean Sea.  Marcel Ott first came to Bandol in 1896 and fell in love with the land, founding the Domaine Chateau de Selle (hence the wine’s double name). His descendants, Christian and Jean-Francois, now run the estate some 120 years later. Their top rosé bottling, Domaine Ott Chateau de Selle, is the preferred drink of movie royalty at the Cannes Film Festival.

Aromas of white peach, pink grapefruit, sea spray, brine and whispers of savory herbs abound from the glass upon the first pour.  The palate is bold – again, this rose drinks like a red wine but you chill it like a white – and there is a broad and stratified depth here, a heft of bountiful luxuriance but also a clean, crisp and bright quality.

Here is a dry rosé from a celebrated domaine, at an amazing price. Now that’s something we can all be thankful for!

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