2018 Chateau Guiot Rose



When Julius Cesar crossed the Rubicon he created an international incident / political war game that would ultimately consume the Roman Republic, lead to his own death, destroy Cleopatra and the Egyptian Empire, kill off Mark Antony and his family line, and give rise to the God-Emperor Octavian Augustus – all that, while leading crocodiles to immigrate to Nimes, on the Mediterranean coast of France.

It’s all true! Just look at the label of this bottle (especially after drinking the liquid inside) – there’s a crocodile on it!

Here is the far-fetched story: as the Roman legions chose sides (and swapped sides) during this chaotic time, the legion from around Nimes found itself posted to Egypt, where crocodiles are native creatures. Reportedly, the legions were so fascinated by these creatures – or drunk on rose – that they brought hundreds of live ones back as pets. After they had crushed the Egyptian Empire, of course.

Good “pets” the baby crocs did not make, eating some townsfolk before dying off or retreating into the dark corners under Nimes’s children’s beds to make horrifically scary sounds to this day.

You doubt my story? Go ahead and Wikipedia Nimes. The city’s coat of arms is a palm tree (another Egyptian import from Roman times) wrapped up with a crocodile. I kid you not.

Now what does this have to do with our wine at hand? Very little, other than the twin brothers Alexis and Numa Cornut are honoring the city, region and its history with the peach-copper crocodile on the label. That, and the fact that it’s a fun story to relate while enjoying a bottle of this gorgeous Venus of a rose:

The aromas here are so pronounced it will take your breath away – beautiful strawberry notes intermingle with blood oranges, rosehips and whispers of thyme and lavender. The palate is crisp, yet with a pleasing textural density. It’s got substance, while also being elegant and refreshing. The finish is long, mineral, and crisp. With summer’s warmest days perhaps behind us, this rose offers the perfect chance to wish them well while welcoming in autumn’s splendor.

But even better yet – stock up – Thanksgiving is coming. While it may seem far away, Thanksgiving is really just around the corner. Many wines pair well with the T-day table feast, but Rose is surely one of the best. The crisp fruit notes, elegant body weight, and fresh liveliness make this wine a perfect T-day partner, whether you’re serving turkey or crocodile!


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