2019 French Pool Toy Rose


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This is not going to be a story about a dashing prince on a white horse who rides into save the damsel in distress. It is the story of French Pool Toy, a tale of success weaving the classic values of life with the concerns of the modern world.


It all started on a balmy summer night in 2016. Maurice, a Franco-American sailor, was having trouble sleeping on board his boat. It was not the waves or strong winds that were the cause, it was the events of the previous day. While enjoying a sail with friends and toasting the sunset with a bottle of Rose, one was knocked over and crashed to the deck. With shards of glass everywhere and one cutting the foot of Maurice, the fun was over and the evening ended.

It was in his bunk that night that he thought about how heavy, bulky and dangerous glass bottles were on a boat that ideas started to come into his head. Why not put a good quality wine in a high grade unbreakable bottle he thought. It would be perfect not only for boats but beaches, pools, concerts and anywhere glass would be a problem.


Maurice envisioned a wine build around his fond memories of the Mediterranean, azur waters, flamingos and delicious roses.

With his ideas fresh in his head and no fairy god mother to help them come to fruition, Maurice enlisted the help of two young French friends. Over the next few months the three toiled in uncharted waters researching, designing and tasting . In the end, the first vintage of Pool Toy was produced.


Pool Toys go anywhere packaging is 100% RECYCLABLE state of the art PET with oxygen barrier to protect wine and extend shelf life. Its carbon footprint and global warming potential are far less than glass . “Enjoy The Inside Recycle The Outside”


Our rosé is an inviting pale summer pink made from classic varietals from the south of France . It fresh red berry with a hint of citrus flavors make it the perfect refresher anytime, anywhere.

Waterford notes:

Yes! This is true French Rose. Its crisp, dry, with hints of strawberries and vivid minerality. The package is fun, and funny, and you can drop the bottle on Waterford’s concrete floor and it bounces off. The palate is brisk and fresh, easy going, and lively. Yeah, maybe the label and story are a bit of a joke but hey, the wine is serious, and seriously good.

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