2019 Iconic “One Shot” Napa Valley White Wine Blend


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It seemed like a great idea at the time – a group of Napa Valley top somms getting together to make a crisp, dry white wine that would also have a textural body that fires on all cylinders, great as a cocktail to be had on the French Laundry’s patio while waiting for your $500 a head table, or maybe just for them to drink with fried chicken, served alfresco on the picnic blanket. Either way, this privileged group was aiming for a white wine that could be paired at Napa’s top restaurant spots – something interesting, something different, and something absolutely delicious.

Fantastic fruit was sourced up and down the Valley, with the idea of a Northern Italy / Friulianesque white blend in mind. Sauvignon Blanc brings notes of citrus zest, pink grapefruit and orange, while Friulano draws out sophisticated flavors of apricot and persimmon, with touches of lychee and honeydew. There is a bare touch of non-oaked Chardonnay in the blend (just 4%) which, when combined with the Friulano, gives the wine its interwoven textural appeal. Designed to be a sophisticated cocktail for the Valley’s top restaurants, it also has the weight it needs to pair perfectly with the those demanding cuisines. To sum up – it was designed to be an expensive, impressive, blow your mind white for one of the hottest restaurant scenes in the world. Why not, right?

And then the world got weird.

And by and large the Napa Valley restaurant industry ceased to exist for a while. Which left this beautiful juice as a liquid orphan.

But not to fear (and this is the absolute truth) – in swoops the Panada Innovation Department to save this precious gem of a wine! That’s right – an embarrassment of pandas has come to save the day! (And before writing this email, I had no idea that a pack of pandas is indeed called an embarrassment.) They teamed together to raise this precious blend and mature it to this moment of perfection where the fruit is bursting with delicious, dewy ripeness while the palate remains gorgeously woven together.

Actually, that is a bit of subterfuge. Birk O’Halloran, winemaker at Iconic and master magician of “drinking up the supply chain as a career” knew those nameless top somms. To bail them out (both in pecuniary and ego terms) he hid this wine and their involvement under the ruse of cute pandas.

That being said, as you might guess, an expensive Napa Valley Friulian White Blend rescued by an embarrassment of pandas is a one-shot kinda thing. It’s delicious and amazing wine, right at the top of the charts for Napa, and it ain’t gonna come around again – and certainly never at this price. So don’t wait, because just like that – it’ll be gone!

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