2019 Vignoble Dauny Sancerre Terres Blanches



If you enjoy Sauvignon Blanc, we here at Waterford would love to introduce you to Sancerre. And if you already know Sancerre, then we definitely want to introduce you to this game-changing, palate-altering wine of Vignoble Dauny’s Terres Blanches Sancerre. You see, once in a while a zesty, multi-layered, mouthwateringly intense and gorgeous wine comes along and blows even our wine-lavished palates. And that is this wine! Here’s the story.

It was in the early 1960s that the grandfather Lucien Dauny, 11the generation of Sancerre vignerons, fell gravely ill with unexplainable medical complications. Taking matters into his own hands, he attempted to nurse himself back to health via his discovery of homeopathy and herbal medicines. In 1964, when he returned to health, he applied these new reasonings to his farm, its plants and animals. At the time he was considered a looney-tunes farmer, and the family only shyly discussed these radical changes.

By 1970, the vineyard and farm were fully converted to what we now would call organic, or Certifie Agriculture Biologique in France. The torch was passed to newlywed son Christian and wife Nicole in 1975 and now sons Benoit and Thibault. Do 50 years of organic agriculture from the 13th generation of farmers to work these vines matter? I think the answer is revealed in the wine!

The nose is simply an explosion of aromas – lemon, grapefruit, pineapple, with touches of red plum all dancing out of the glass. But that’s not all, and this is what I mean by layered –hibiscus, honeysuckle, mint, sweet tarragon and a beautiful note of granite wet with morning dew. There’s a ton going on here, and it’s immediate.

But it gets even better on the palate. Here it’s certainly got all the lively, playful freshness that you expect out of Sauvignon Blanc. Yet there is also a textural dimension that gives the wine a sophisticated depth and mouthfeel. It’s like biting into a perfectly ripened Honeycrisp apple. The aromas and flavors fill your mouth with juicy sweetness, yet are utterly crisp and refreshing.

Or, to take it back to the top – This is game-changing, palate-altering wine. We didn’t get a huge amount, but we got it at a great price. Don’t miss it.

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