2Bar Spirits Straight Bourbon 100 Proof 750ml



Ten years ago, Nathan Kaiser started pursuing his dream – a love of whiskey, working with his hands and creating something new and true to his roots. Sure, his childhood home is a far-off, sixth-generation family ranch deep in the heart of Texas, but his current home is Washington State with its abundance of grain.

All these thoughts came together in 2010 when Nathan built his own distillery in Seattle, which opened in 2012. While most “new” distilleries “create” their early bourbons by buying from faraway sources (such as LDI in Indiana), right from the start Nathan and his 2Bar distillery were dedicated exclusively to Washington – everything from grain to glass is sourced locally. All six of the grains in mash bill are from a single farmer in Washington. He and his team mill, mash, ferment, distill and age every drop of 2Bar themselves. This is rare for any distillery, no matter how large or small, historical or new, and the results are outstanding:

The nose opens with an almost red fruit aroma of raspberries and black currants, but then is quickly taken over by dried apricot, saffron, vanilla bean and pine nuts caramelized in sugar on a graham cracker crust. The palate continues with baking spices: brown butter and cinnamon, toffee, ginger and hazelnut. The finish is lingering and subtle, like a kiss in front of the fire.

You can, of course, mix this into a cocktail – with amazing results. But I also encourage you, have it straight (or with just a few drops of water) for a level of pure, refreshing enjoyment that will liven up any occasion with its gorgeous, supple, and smooth flavors. We got a hot introductory price so give it a whirl and try out your new house bourbon.