Deanston 12 Year Single Malt Scotch



Deanston is the biggest powerhouse distillery you’ve perhaps never heard of, being among the top 10 in sheer production. Most of it, regrettably, gets blended away. But here’s why you should get to know Deanston.

First, it’s one of the few operating midland distilleries.  Midland scotches tend to be more creamy, softer on the palate, with a clean sweety maltiness that dives into dried fruit characteristics.

Second, I like their custom designed, very bulbous pot stills. These are designed to create more reflux during distilling, which through evaporating and condensing produces smooth, fruit-driven Scotches. Basically, the guys who designed the distillery matched the equipment to their place perfectly!

Third, non-chill filtered and set at 46.3% alcohol means that all the fatty lipids that contain most of any spirit’s flavor are intact and at full strength. Every craft distiller wants the tag line of “non-chill filtered” nowadays, but very few of them can spend the time and energy to make the process work correctly. Deanston has done it!

Fourth, no caramel color. The rich mahogany in this bottle is purely the interaction between bourbon cask and spirit.

Fifth – and this one goes out to all you armchair eco-warriors out there. It takes 1 liter of oil to make 1 liter of Scotch—except at Deanston, which was built on the site of an old cotton mill powered entirely by water. This hydroelectric equipment is not only still in use today: The distillery actually generates power for the town of Deanston as well.

Finally, and most importantly, it’s a darn good summer drinking dram:

The nose opens with aromas of heather, honeycomb, vanilla, Granny Smith apples, touches of caramelized oranges, roasted malt and nuts.  The palate brings in notes of candied fruits, soft toffee, a bit of fudge and continues with ginger and clove.  The finish is supple and smooth, rounded, and goes down oh-so-easy.

And one last great reason to enjoy this dram? We got it at a heck of a price.