Dewar’s 12 Year Blended Scotch Whisky Gift Set



An attempt at humor: all those facemasks out there were setting me back a bit. But then a friend pointed out to me that its like were all engaging in The Dance of the Seven Veils. A whole world of lusty socially distanced dancers we are!

Now to the point:

There comes a time in every wine drinker’s life that they end up drinking Scotch. Usually this is when we enter a restaurant with such a terrible and overpriced wine list that we just can’t bring ourselves to order a glass. Nowadays, it’s just about any night the first two bottles have been sucked dry.

I never thought I’d find myself waxing poetic about Dewar’s Blended Scotch, but I’m a man of many words.

And Dewar’s is actually the wine industry insider’s main Scotch. Why? Because it’s everywhere, meaning no matter the restaurant, they’re going to have and know how to pour you four fingers of Dewar’s Scotch. And it’s good.

Dewar’s is all warm and toasty aromas of malt on the nose, butterscotch and caramel mixed with honey-roasted nuts on the palate, and then a smooth, easygoing finish that’s like a satisfying plop into your favorite recliner after a hard day “at the office.” In fact, I’d say there’s nothing not to like in a glass of 12 Year Old Dewar’s.

And what’s not to love when you can get in on the cheap? Check it out, we think we’ve hit the national low! Yes, it also comes in a Christmasy gift set with two glasses. So you and a companion can be socially distant and socially appropriate, all at the same time. Christmas in April – why not!

Be well and drink well. Cheers.