Discovering Italy – Delafield, October 17




Italy is synonymous with wine.

Italy’s early Greek settlers christened the country Oenotria or Land of the Vine. By its fall in the fifth century, the Western Roman Empire had established every modern European wine growing region except Bordeaux. And the first century Roman naturalist and philosopher Pliny the Elder introduced ideas of site selection and vine husbandry that are still relevant to 21st century growers.

Today, Italian wines marry modern grape growing and winemaking practices with its three millennia of oenological heritage. Italy makes nearly five billion litres of wine annually, the most of any country in the world. Not just the most, but the most diverse. No country can challenge Italy’s amazing variety of delicious wines, its wealth of indigenous local wine grapes and its seemingly endless supply of intriguing wine styles.

So why don’t we drink a greater variety of Italian wines?

We’d like to invite you to an evening where we set aside Nebbiolo and Piedmont, Sangiovese and Tuscany, Amarone and the Veneto.

We’d like to take you on a wine tour of Italy.

We want you to discover Sagrantino di Montefalco, Prié blanc from Valle d’Aosta, Frappato from Sicily and Teroldego and Nosiola from the Dolomites. We want you to taste Italian wines made from grapes of German ancestry — like Kerner — and Greek ancestry — like Aglianico. We want you to experience as many of the wonderful wines as you possibly can from Lombardia in Italy’s north to Campania in the country’s south.

So join us for a night of new discovery. It’s a night Italy has been preparing for you for 3000 years.


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