Far North Spirits Syva Vodka



Now to the fun stuff:

Here is one of the most interesting Vodka’s that we’ve tasted in a long time – Syva from Far North Spirits. By interesting we don’t mean it’s gone all twirled mustachioed craft-cocktail-y to the point that your favorite Vodka tonic has been blasted out of recognizability. By interesting we mean that its got a deep and complex flavor, hence it’s Finnish namesake Syva, and a velvety suppleness to the palate. You could drink it straight up and have a wonderful pick-me-up while mellowing-me-down experience, or you go head and mix it – the softer Hazlet winter rye its distilled from will add a wonderful rich accent to the main flavors.

Far North is a true grain to glass distillery – the northern most distillery in the contiguous United States, Far North is a family of fourth generation farmers who now are first generation premium spirit distillers. The same man who harvest the heritage Hazlet rye grain is the distiller who feeds the pristine Lake Agassiz water into the still. If you want to drink vodka while supporting a true family run heritage business, this is a great truly tasty place to start.