Foradori Fontanasanta Nosiola 2013



I cannot believe it’s already been five years since I have offered Elizabetta Foradori’s wines on an advertising special.

These wines are some of the most drunk, most enjoyed, most intriguing, most desirable wines in my cellar.  Is there more that I need to say?  Just maybe – if you like drinking with me, partying with me at dinner parties, enjoying life as I do in that crazy joie de vivre kind of way: These are the wines that I live my life to. And so should you, if you don’t already.

The red is sensational: purple-black fruit on the nose, leading you to think of jam; but then tight, mineral and focused on the palate.  Young, it’s delicious with spring veggies and summer meats.  Middle-aged, a mellow cello to root vegetables and game.  In other words, you can’t go wrong pairing it.

The Granato – the red Big Brother – is stunning. The bouquet is a complex mélange of sweet black fruit redolent of cherries and dark berries, coupled with notes of blood orange, dark chocolate and classic Italian overtones of olives, herbs and soil.  On the palate Granato is so graceful, focused and beautifully balanced.  The tannin and the acidity are so serenely integrated into the body of the wine you almost forget about them as the flavor lingers on and on.  This is what I personally describe as a quiet wine (and I mean that flatteringly) – a wine that drinks so gracefully, so beautifully that it inspires your attention without demanding it.

The white is ethereal yet strong, focused and imaginary.  Powerful and lean.  I can’t avoid opening it, and neither should you.  It is the most deft use of amphora I’ve ever tasted.  In the spring it’s all I ever want.  In the fall, I find it mellow, calm, serene. This wine will enhance your life.

If you only try one of each, you’ll be coming back and back again, just as I have.  It’s been five years of very little inventory to go around.  But this year we finally have them back.  We will be tasting them this Friday at the Brady street store from noon until 6 pm.  Please come join me in celebrating spring and these wonderful wines!

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