Glenmorangie Single Malt Scotch Extremely Rare 18 Year



For years running, I have been a fan of Glenmorangie’s single malts.  With their unique and powerful control over barrel quality, no other Highlander offers you quite the same drinkability and sensuous richness.

And once in a while, in a great LONG while, the powers that be decide to release a little bit of 18 Year into the state of Wisconsin.

The 18 Year Glenmorangie opens with the rounded and sweet aromas of dried Bosc pears, Braeburn apples and sweetly dried heather reminiscent of the fresh ocean and grass at Turnberry just at tee-off.

The palate is rich and full, impeccably balanced with honey, malt, toffee and a final flourish of gingery spice.  The finish lingers with dates, vanilla, more honey and hints of oranges and lemons, all coming together in a warming finish that brings a smile to your face.

Now is the time.  And you are the drinker.

And let me tell you—Waterford got the entire allocation of 18 Year that Wisconsin is going to see. And you know us: We got it at a great price.  So don’t regret it later; be sure to reserve one of these gems.

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