J. Lassalle Brut Imperial Preference Champagne



Oh baby, I can tell – you need more Champagne in your life.  And I want to give it to you.

Is it your oblectating joie de vivre?

Your risqué empressement come the mirkning hour?

Or is it merely your pipperoo that calls to question this sweet ingestion?

No, as good as you are, it’s not any of these things that drives me to offer you drink.  Rather, it’s a general lack of roistering that I feel I need to cure.  I think we all need a good night rollin’ around on the floor – let’s celebrate Global Champagne Day, together, and get on down.

Besides slaking our thirst, why should we drink more Champagne?

Because it makes women even more beautiful…

Because in success you deserve it, and in defeat you need it…

Because too much of anything is bad, but too much of Champagne is just right…

Because it makes every day feel like Sunday and everyone feel like royalty.

In short, just like Madame Bollinger, you don’t need a reason to start drinking Champagne – you are the reason; if together, alone, apart or alone together, Champagne is absolutely necessary.

Sadly, we Americans don’t drink enough Champagne.  We tend to have it once a year, and at the worst possible time – after the jell-o shots, past the cheap beer, near the cheez whiz tarts, and right before midnight, New Year’s Eve.  Under such circumstances, is it any wonder that so many complain that “Champagne gives me a headache?”

This year, let’s change all that and do ourselves proud.  This Friday, let’s plan a great day (Global Champagne Day) and thoroughly enjoy it.  It’s easy.

Step one: Get yourself to Waterford and rustle up a bottle of J. Lassalle Brut Imperial Preference Champagne.

Second, drink up.


Drink it as a cocktail, drink it with popcorn (an amazing pairing), drink it with potato chips and truffled crème fraiche dip, drink it with poached lobster, drink it with a seared steak – Champagne is the ultimate vin de gastronomie and the J. Lassale can handle all this and more:

The Imperial Preference opens with that toasty richness that harkens to mind the warmed hearth in your cabin up North, after a night where you’ve let the cinnamon buns rise near the fire, ready at the crack of dawn to give up their heady expression of life-giving nourishment.   On the palate this wine kisses you with such an unfettered, full of life, devil-may-care attitude about PDA that a couple of glasses in, those Frenchy cheek kisses are much easier to manage.

The toastiness of the nose gives way to a palate loaded with the scent of strawberries, baking spices, and framboise; then finishes with dark cherries shaved with cocoa.  I could go on – and I will, but only after you join me for a couple glasses of Champagne.  Because baby, who in this world couldn’t use more Champagne?

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