Kings County Straight Rye



These dudes wrote the book on bourbon. I’m not kidding:

And here is their straight rye whiskey. First out of the barrel, and we’re the first ones to get it.

Simply put, here are two Brooklyn boys at the front and center of the rebirth of American whiskey, operating a tiny patent still in the 117-year-old Paymaster Building in Brooklyn’s Naval Yard, seven days a week, 16 hours a day, with corn and barley grown onsite in an urban farm.

Bluntly: two homeboys crushing the American dream with amazing hooch. I’m in, all the way in, already a bottle deep (they are 375mL – a single serving really) and so should you be.

But don’t let my reverence sweep you off your feet, because I am not the only one who loves this whiskey. Just this year, Kings County took the trophy for best small batch bourbon in the world. It’s just that amazing:

If the eating of 90% cacao chocolate delivered to your mouth by the hand of a favored paramour could have an emotion, it would be how you feel after a glass of this whiskey. If pure, unadulterated leisure could last a lifetime, it wouldn’t be quite enough to achieve the same level of declension as a glass of this rye: waves of toffee, maple sap, orange zest, Grandma’s Karo syrup poured over pancakes (she couldn’t afford more), and earthy dark molasses sap all the tension from the mind and body, leaving a languid, limpid shell. Which immediately is filled with the joy of autumn – spices, dried flowers, leaves piled for children to jump into – delightfully running Sunday’s labor, like a robust, muscly, sweaty bosom embrace. Giving or receiving, when you’ve come this far, you know it’s true love.

And love it you will. Funky, spirity, earthy, darn delicious, and packaged in a 375 mL flask that fits tightly into your skinny jeans (or pre-trial sport coat—just saying), this is robust, exquisite, and frankly, one of the best American craft Ryes around. My Ego is super proud to represent it, surpassed only by my Id’s overwhelming desire to drink it!

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