Langoureau Puligny Montrachet 1er Cru La Garenne 2017



First off, I consider Sylvain Langoureau one of our great finds from my last buying trip to Burgundy. Humble and working the vines with his elderly dog, Sylvain makes wines that I find absolutely stellar with the prices being incredibly cheap.

Chalumaux climbs the northern side of Puligny below the slope that goes up to the Hamlet of Blagny. As a Premier Cru, it tends to be soft and open it its youth, showing off its baby-fat richness and charm. While I have not personally had older Chalumaux from Langoureau, I have been assured that there is a long life waiting ahead for these beauties.

La Garenne is to the west, just skipping over Hameau de Blagnny and above Champs Gain. A hunting preserve in the Middle Ages, its light topsoil makes wines of more finesse than weight, more ethereal body than power. I have also known these wines—though not this specific producer— to make old bones in the cellar.

We’ll taste them out at the Farwell store on Friday as long as we don’t sell out of them – but the prices are at record lows, so I suggest putting in your order as soon as you can.