M. Haslinger & Fils Champagne



It’s hard not to be excited when we score one heck of a deal – especially when that deal is on Champagne. So scroll down and check out our thunder – real, true, French Champagne for under $20!

Dominated by Pinot (at 73%), this cuvee sees primary fermentation in small oak cask, not stainless steel, resulting in a wine that is at once powerful and full-bodied, and with, as they like to say – “unrivaled richness and staying power.” Malolactic fermentation is always avoided, creating verve and tension, drive and energy across the palate.

The Champagne opens with aromas of pears poached in white wine with a sprinkling of clove, ginger, anise and vanilla – the poaching liquid reduced and finished with mascarpone, spread on pâte feuilletée with thinly sliced pear. It’s creamy and refined, with a delicate mousse that sparkles across the palate as an aperitif. But the real show-stopper is to turn this bad-boy’s richness loose at the dinner table, supporting everything from Coq au Vin Blanc with tarragon and chestnuts to coconut and celery root puree with sautéed pink peppercorn shrimp and scallions. It’s snappy enough to serve while toasting, yet rich enough to keep going all night, right on through the meal.

It’s reasonable that many people have never heard of Haslinger – because it is entirely made at G.H. Martel Champagne Company (not to be confused with Martel Cognac Company). In 1869 Martel was founded by the energetic Henry Leopold Tabourin in the small village of Avenay, just a few kilometers outside of Epernay. Henry must have been an amazingly energic man, because he also helped found the Champagne houses Devuax and Rapeneau, among others – all of which survive to this day. Upon Henry’s death, Martel was passed on to his son Andre, which bring us up to 1979. Andre left no heirs, so his father’s friend and business partner, Ernest Rapeneau, bought the company. Jean-Remy, the fourth generation, now runs Martel to this day.

So why the label M.Haslinger & Fils instead of, say, “Nouvelle cuvée exceptionnel”? Well, I’m guessing that honoring their mom’s maiden name was just the right combination of keeping tradition, while being a fun-loving departure from it.

This is an exceptional new Champagne. Top it off with an amazing price break and we’ve got the perfect way to sparkle up your holidays!