MAN Family Wines Cabernet Sauvignon 2018



Regarding the Cabernet:

Three friends, Charles Back, Tyrrel Myburg, and Jose Conde are among that first set of vintners revitalizing South Africa’s wines. They didn’t start by trying to revolutionize the world’s perception of South African Cabernet. They started by looking for a way to get drunk cheaply and watch football. Their wives were not impressed and forced them to make their avocation their vocation. For the sake of appeasement they named the resulting wine after their wives – Marie, Annette, and Nicky. MAN Vintners Cabernet. MAN CAB for short.

MAN Vintners Cabernet follows in this balanced, classy style. It has notes of black currants, cherries and hazelnuts with intriguing notes of toasted bread and anise. Yes, it does have hints of South Africa’s terrior “greenness” showing but that just adds to the harmony – think 80s Napa Cabernet with a grilled steak and you have it.

MAN Vintners Cabernet represents what is great about South Africa today – a MAN with a newly invigorated spirit setting out in broad strokes to re-introduce itself to the world. Won’t you accept the invitation?

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