Matahiwi Sauvignon Blanc 2019



This is shockingly good Sauvignon Blanc. Pure truth. And passion.

Zesty aromas of passion fruit, kiwi, lime and citron burst from the glass with pronounced aromatic intensity. The palate is ultra refreshing, with more passion fruit, notes of green apple and touches of stone fruits and herbs. The finish is long and creamy. Matahiwi is one of those Sauvignon Blancs that’s oh-so-easy to drink and just perfect for a warm summer day.

What’s more, this delectable wine comes with a delicious twist.  Matahiwi is from the Wairarapa region of New Zealand—the south end of the north island, right across from Marlborough—and the history of winemaking in Wairarapa  substantially predates that of Marlborough.  In 1895, the Italian viticulturist Romeo Bragato was hired by New Zealand’s government to explore which of the country’s regions offered the greatest potential for wine grape cultivation. When  Romeo’s report came back, Wairarapa was at the head of the pack.

With the benefit of our Romeo’s report, an early Burgundian immigrant to New Zealand began cultivating Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and other vines in Wairarapa, and New Zealand’s wine industry was off to a promising start. But in the early 1900s, -prohibition went into force across the country,  and the promising start was stalled. As a wine region, Wairarapa was nearly forgotten.  Flash-forward eight decades to the rebirth of winemaking in Wairarapa, the founding of Matahiwi and the logo of the resurgent phoenix on its bottles of wine.

With the flavors of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc that you love and a passionate twist from Wairarapa, Matahiwi delivers us a stunningly delicious wine.