Oak Valley Groenlandberg Pinot Noir 2017



Oak Valley makes two Pinot Noirs, a little brother and its preeminent big brother.

The little brother is made up of fruit from among the highest and coldest vineyards in all of South Africa. When you’re in these vineyards, the people at Oak Valley say, you’re so far away from the imprints of electricity, machinery and technology, the only “noise” you can hear is silence. Wind, earth and sky. The estate calls the little brother the Sounds of Silence.

The Groenlandberg is the big brother to the Sounds of Silence. This Pinot comes from vineyards on the slopes of the Groenlandberg mountains — vineyards that are even colder, even higher, even quieter than the Sounds of Silence. And quiet is the perfect adjective for this wine. What Groenlandberg says to you is vital, but the wine speaks to you softly, calmly, pianissimo as its character and stature mesmerize you. Like the greatest jazz pianists who play old standards with new insights they whisper between their keys. Groenlandberg whispers with that kind of beauty.

Groenlandberg’s cool climate, high altitude, clay soils and whole bunch native yeast fermentation play its Pinot character into softly sweet and savory qualities — like black forest cherry and lightly smoked duck breast with a black pepper crust. The palate is supple, with Pinot’s classic light tannins and vibrant acidity. In the end, all of these qualities harmonize beautifully with each other into a masterpiece of cool climate Pinot Noir.

Clearly, this isn’t the least expensive Pinot Noir we’ve ever sold. Yet I do fully believe Groenlandberg competes with any other Pinot from around the world at its price — whether it’s Gevrey Chambertin, Baden or Eola-Amity.

Try just a bottle, you won’t regret it.

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