Pierre le Grand Cornas 2016



Violinist Christian Tetzlaff is famous for translating difficult and esoteric pieces of music – Szymanowski, Berg, Boulez, and Bach – into rare forms of beauty.
Pierre le Grand has done the same for Cornas: harsh terroir, crazy aromatics, rustic tannins; yet translated into a beautiful, harmonic whole.

Black licorice, salt, tar, wet granite, grilled figs, venison, porcinis, and more… all seamlessly melded together like a fond remembrance of playing in the rain while Grandma’s BLT sandwich waits inside. And then, the palate – tannins: fine, mouth-coating, toothsome; rich yet powerful, massive yet graceful. Utterly delicious. Whew. This is Pierre le Grand Cornas!

Cornas, ever tiny, is a hotbed of French winemaking. And unusually for France, this hotbed is friendly, spirited, and ultra-traditional.

Pierre is ultra-respectful of this great terroir. The vines are old and harvested by hand (it’s Cornas, they have to be). The tannins are so supple I might have guessed a touch of micro-oxy or new oak. No, it’s old vines showing how elegant Syrah really can be. The wine is made in all demi-mud. The nose is complex from a long 30-day primary fermentation of native yeast. I loved this wine when I drank it and I think you will, too.

I have the privilege of representing many outstanding Cornas producers at Waterford Wine (some of whom you have probably purchased) and I thoroughly believe this is a bargain. I would have easily put its price at $79.99 or even $99.99. Again, to me, this is an incredible bargain.

Like almost all Cornas, however, there is not much to go around. Please let me know your interest as soon as possible.

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