Strathmill 10 Year



Yes!  Spring is perfect Scotch-cocktailing weather. I betwixt the roister:

Sipping one kind of Scotch might make you enjoy rubbing your chest hairs near a roaring, smoky fire; other Scotches make you enjoy lathering up, like a sailor on the way to an opsit with a delicious Arriet.

This Scotch is the latter.  Indeed, the Strathmill 10 Year is so reussi that upon imbibing one cannot help but have a spring in the step, a cut in the jib, a wild hair in the … I digress.  It’s also the perfect Scotch for a sun-goes-down-constitutional, maybe not discussing the finer things in life, just enjoying them – including being outside.  And here it is:

Warm roasted flaxen, cereal in honey, malted oatmeal with broiled cream, sugar-coated golden sultans braised with saffron and orange zest fill the senses upon the first sip.  But what really gets me ambulating is the palate: Here is a dynamically fresh smoothness, a clean-cut purity of candied litchi, honeysuckle, touches of jasmine, and hints of roasted almond, resounding in an apricot, pear and mango fruit-driven finish.  And unlike some other Scotches, it’s as easy to say as it is to drink.

How’d you get so perfect?  I often ask of my Scotches (and my chest hairs).  To be a bit technical for a moment:

First, Strathmill is situated on the southern side of Keith on the banks of the River Isla – some of the purest waters in Speyside.  Second, Strathmill is one of the few distilleries equipped with purifiers on its Lyne Arms, creating a smooth, exquisite spirit.  Third, for nearly two centuries, Strathmill has been recognized as having some of the best barley in Scotland.  The Strathmill distillery is surrounded by barley and was itself a grain mill long ago (hence the name).

The summation – pure water, the best barley and rare refinement add up to a consummate drinking experience.  Let’s do it now, outside and inside, while the sun goes down. Heck, maybe even after.


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